Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Planning Commission to decide on Seeno Project (or pass the buck) April 10

The most immediate and urgent concern regarding the Seeno Project is THIS THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 2008, at the Planning Commission Hearing, City Hall, 7 p.m.

The Planning Commission will be faced with a decision to stop this project in its tracks by nonapproval of the project's "Master Plan overlay", thus sending the project back to Seeno with instructions for them to come back with a truly visionary project, or they may just make a neutral report (or a positive recommendation) and pass the buck on to the City Council. It is crucial for everyone who is able to come to that Planning Commission meeting! (and/or write or call the Planning Commission by this Thursday to voice their concerns.) It will be televised on Cable Channel 27.

People can read the Staff Report and links to other documents that the Planning Commission will be considering if they go to the Agendas section of the City website at this link and this link . They can also read about problems with the current project, and ideas for a more visionary and sustainable project, at http://www.beniciafirst.com .

After the Planning Commission makes their recommendation this Thursday, the City Council is required to either approve or disapprove the proposed project within 30 days! This means they must take it up and make a decision at their May 6, May 20, and or June 3 City Council meeting, and make a decision no later than June 3. This means there is a window of time between now and June 3 (and the sooner, the better!) for citizens to make their wishes heard loud and clear to the City Council about the type of development they feel is appropriate for the Seeno project.

Write, call, or go see them in person. This project will forever determine the economic and environmental destiny of our town. Now is the time to act.

City Hall, 250 E. L Street (MAP) ; 746-4200.
City website: http://www.ci.benicia.ca.us ; (City Council page)

Mayor Patterson, epatterson@ci.benicia.ca.us
Tom Campbell, tcampbell@ci.benicia.ca.us
Mark Hughes, mhughes@ci.benicia.ca.us
Mike Ioakimedes, mioakimedes@ci.benicia.ca.us
Alan Schwartzman, aschwartzman@ci.benicia.ca.us

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