Wednesday, April 30, 2008

View video of Council's Feb.2008 stipulations regarding approval of Seeno Project

After the Planning Commission's recommendation for disapproval of the proposed Seeno Project on April 10, the Project now comes before the City Council for consideration and approval on May 6 and May 20 (and probably also on June 3).

We hope you will plan to attend those meetings, or watch on cable channel 27, and write letters to the Council voicing your concerns about the type of project you would like to see. The ultimate outcome of the Seeno Project will forever shape the character and direction of our town.

To prepare for the May 6 City Council meeting, it may be helpful to view this video of the Council's discussion at the Feb.19 EIR Hearing, in which they stipulated the conditions that must be present in the Project before they would grant approval, and the review process that would be required.

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