Friday, April 11, 2008

Planning Commission recommends denial of Seeno Project!

At the April 10 Planning Commission hearing, the PC voted to deny approval of the new revised version of the Seeno Project because the applicant had given them too little time to review it, and had provided too little documentation to verify their claims, and because it still appears to be seriously out of conformance to many requirements set forth in various General Plan elements, such as geologic and ecological considerations, fiscal and economic impacts, urban decay, traffic, health and safety, to name a few.

Their vote to deny approval did not stop the project in its tracks, however, because it is merely their recommendation that they are now sending on to the City Council. All eyes now turn to the Council and their May 6 City Council meeting (and possibly also May 20 and June 3). If the Council votes to concur with the Planning Commission recommendation and simply denies the current project outright, it would give Seeno and the City plenty of time to work together on developing a new project concept and design that is truly visionary and appropriate for the 21st Century and consistent with the comprehensive sustainability vision and goals of our General Plan.

NOW is the time to write to the City Council and let your concerns be heard!
Mayor Patterson,
Tom Campbell,
Mark Hughes,
Mike Ioakimedes,
Alan Schwartzman,

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