Sunday, May 18, 2008

City Council to consider approval of Seeno Project, May 20

The City Council will continue its Hearing of Seeno's revised Benicia Business Park proposal on May 20, with the final approval or denial of the project due at their June 3 meeting. (7 p.m., City Hall, 250 E. L St.)

Benicia First will give a short slideshow presentation on May 20 documenting the many reasons why the City Council should deny the current project due to General Plan inconsistencies, environmental threats, and inadequate documentation provided by the applicant. (Denial of the project would create the opening for a completely new project to be formulated that fits the needs and vision of Benicia in the context of major new 21st Century constraints and opportunities.)

Seeno will undoubtedly make sure there are many pro-Seeno advocates in attendance at the meeting, expressing their opinions why the current project should be approved, regardless of its many shortcomings. If you are supportive of our alternative vision for the project, we urge you to make your voice heard now at this crucial juncture. Try to call or write the City Council before the meeting. (Call 746-4210 to leave a message for City Council; or write an email message to them and address it to )

If you cannot attend the meeting, watch it on Cable Channel 27. If you can come to the meeting, you don't have to speak if you'd rather not. Just your presence there is very important (and you can hand in a short note if you like).

It may be helpful to review
this video of the City Council's statements at the Feb.19 EIR Hearing, in which they stipulated the conditions and documentation that they required Seeno to provide in the revised project before they would approve it (many of those conditions and documentation have not been provided).

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